Kim Kardashian Would Be Nuts to Copy Kate Middleton's Baby Nursery

Kim Kardashian & Kanye WestOk, so I know she's pretty much felt like she and the Duchess of Cambridge are, you know, twinsies, for quite some time now, but a new rumor saying Kim Kardashian is copying Kate Middleton's baby nursery takes her obsession with the royals to another level entirely.

Get this one -- a source told Grazia magazine that Kim has already gone so far as to order some of the same furniture that Kate has supposedly shopped for to outfit her baby's room, including an $8,000 crib and what is most likely a very high-end pram. (That's British talk for stroller.)


Am I the only one who finds the idea of Kim trying to re-create Kate and Prince William's palace nursery just a little bit on the weird and creepy side? ( I mean, if these claims are true, of course.)

Honestly though, if Kim really is aiming for a Kate Middleton-inspired nursery, I can't say that I'm all that surprised. She's copied her style in the past as far clothes go, so why would she stop with her baby's room decor? A royal-themed nursery will be a perfect fit for the new $11 million mansion she and Kanye West just bought, so she might as well go for it, right?

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Wrong. A baby's first nursery is a special place that new parents will wind up spending copious amounts of time in, so when picking out the decor and furniture for the room, it's best to put your own stamp on it instead of copying the look straight out of a catalog, magazine, or celebrity baby room.

When my husband and I decorated our son's nursery, we wanted to choose a theme that had some sort of special meaning to us, so we went with airplanes. We both love to travel, and flew back and forth to see each other countless times during our long-distance courtship before we got married, so it seemed fitting to outfit our baby's room in all-things-air-travel. Also, my mom is retired from the airline industry, so flying is kind of in my blood -- yet another reason the theme really seemed to fit.

And no, the finished room didn't look as perfect or luxurious as those pictured in some swanky baby store catalog or anything like that, but it was our creation and it was perfect for our baby.

As much as Kim admires Kate, she's probably going to wind up missing out if she doesn't throw a little bit of her own Kardashian flair into the mix while getting her baby's room ready. Her style (and Kanye's) is definitely a bit more over-the-top -- and I'm just not sure having a royal, overly sophisticated nursery is the right choice for a mini-Kimye.

What theme did you choose for your baby nursery, and why?


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