Matt Bomer's Hot Shirtless Pics Prove He's the Perfect Christian Grey (PHOTO)

Matt Bomer

When it comes to hot shirtless men, there are a whole slew of hunks to gawk at in Hollywood. All the better when it comes to fantasizing who would be the perfect fit to play Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. For a while now, hottie Matt Bomer has been one of the frontrunners for the coveted spot -- and lucky for all of us Matty fans, new photos have come out online of him in the buff and they are BEAUTIFUL. Look at those abs, that stature!! Do you not just wanna howl, "Heellloooooooo Christian"!!?

Of course, it doesn't hurt that Bomer looks this good sans shirt, but come on -- there are so many other GREAT things about the actor that make him a frontrunner to play Christian. Let's dish, shall we?


First of all, Matt's got one seriously diversified acting portfolio. From playing Darren Criss' older brother on Glee to this guest spot on The New Normal, the actor really knows how to cover all of his bases and do it well. Plus, his gig as Neal Caffrey in White Collar is him at his charming best. The character is so cunning, smart, and sophisticated, and someone I most definitely wouldn't mind bringing home to meet my parents.

In interviews with press, Matt comes off as personable, approachable, and anything but cocky. Sure, Christian has his cocky side -- but Matt's softer side is critical for a role like this where so much intimacy is involved. In my mind, it's clear that he's got what it takes to seduce viewers everywhere. Now, bring on more shirtless photos -- STAT!

Could you see Matt Bomer as Christian Grey?


Image via NBC

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