Kristen Stewart's Meeting With Liberty Ross Won't Solve Anything

liberty ross rupert sandersSo remember Liberty Ross? The wife of Snow White and the Whatever director Rupert Sanders who had an affair with Kristen Stewart? Yeah, after keeping pretty much silent during the sordid drama in which her husband starred as douche of the century, she's now, allegedly, coming out from under that rock (where I, too, would've been hiding with the Friday Night Lights box-set and an IV drip of bourbon) and allegedly wants to have a good old-fashioned why'd-you-bone-my-husband sit-down with KStew. Ruh roh.


Liberty and Rupert have supposedly been going to marriage counseling to try and save things (the couple has two children together), and Liberty wants to hear Kristen's side of the story so that she can get closure.

It sounds to me like she doesn't necessarily believe Rupert's take on the affair because, um, why else would she want to hear what Kristen has to say? If Rupert's telling the truth, then Kristen will have the same story to tell. Clearly, Liberty thinks he's holding back, which, come on, why stay with a guy whom you'll never be able to trust?

Alllll that aside, I think it's pretty big of Kristen to agree to this supposed meeting of the minds. I really don't think she owes Liberty anything. If Liberty only wants to meet with Kristen to check up on Rupert's story ... I mean, it's not really Kristen's responsibility to prove to Liberty that her husband isn't lying to her, again.

I understand the need for answers, for all the answers, after someone you loves betrays you in the deepest way possible, but sometimes you really have to ask yourself what having them would accomplish. And if punishment is the purpose of the answer discovery, or if revenge is, then really, what's the point?

Kristen and Liberty should stay focused on their respective relationships with Robert and Rupert. No need to confuse the issue and make it a battle between the two women. It's not about them, but about the men they hurt/were hurt by.

Hats off to Kristen, though. Agreeing to meet is really brave but, as I see it, totally unnecessary.

Do you think Liberty and Kristen should talk, or not?


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