'Girls' Season 2: Are You Smart Enough to Watch?

Lena DunhamLast year, Lena Dunham's show Girls took HBO and the whole country by storm. It's edgy, smart, funny, and true. Because it's all of those things, it also has its share of haters.

People accuse Dunham and the other actresses on the show of being rich girls who got their start thanks to their parents' money (all the actresses are daughters of famous people). They accuse the show of being racist. But the worst criticism is for Dunham herself.

She is "blobby" and needs to stop showing off her naked form, according to some rude critics. Dunham is a narcissist who is obsessed with herself and her "art" at the expense of entertainment. Well, guess what? The show did well. It rocked, in fact. It got a second season. So haters: You can suck it.


So much of the hate on the show APPEARS to be real criticism, but it's actually just misogyny and discomfort with women. After all, why call a talented, smart, and funny young woman "blobby" or criticize her appearance unless you can't find any other way to bring her down a peg?

People are understandably envious of Dunham's success. Hell, I know I am! But she is successful and the show is successful because she is cool as hell. She is funny, insightful, and most of all, devastatingly honest. She lets it ALL hang out there. It's not narcissism. It's art. And the fact that we're even having this discussion is proof that she is a genius. Good art makes you think about things. Dunham makes us think. She makes us laugh. And she entertains us. What's not to love?

Her humor is different and subtle, but you don't have to be a hipster from Brooklyn to totally love the show. It's out there and true to life.

It's a show for smart people. Plain and simple. And there must be a lot of smart people since it keeps on keeping on.

So stop hating on Dunham and appreciate the show for what it is. Admittedly, it's an acquired taste. It took me a few episodes to get into it. But now, I LOVE it. See the preview below for all the reasons why:

Can't WAIT!

Will you be watching Girls season 2 on Sunday night?


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