Just Because Eddie Cibrian Cheated on Brandi Glanville Does NOT Mean He Will Cheat on LeAnn

cheaterRumors are swirling that Eddie Cibrian, a known cheater when he was married to Brandi Glanville, ALSO cheated on LeAnn Rimes early in their relationship with the waitress Scheana, whose recent appearance on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills shook Brandi to the core. Though it isn't being explicitly said, the indication here is that Cibrian is likely cheating on Rimes either now or soon will in the future.

I call BS, though.

Ever heard the old adage "once a cheater, always a cheater"? Admit it. We all have. Well, the truth is, it's a lie. I don't know Cibrian, but I do know men (and women) who have cheated and many of them have learned their lessons. They won't ever cheat again. The people who say "once a cheater" are probably those who were cheated on.


The truth is much murkier. We all want a black and white, clear way to tell who will cheat and who will not, but it's just not that simple. A man who has cheated before may have been unhappy in his relationship.

A man I am close to cheated on his college girlfriend almost every single weekend in college. He tried to break up with her at least a dozen times, and every time, she started to cry. Being young and unable to deal with female emotion, he just decided to do whatever he wanted to do.

Fifteen years later, he has been married -- and completely faithful -- to one woman for more than a decade. He is one of the most loyal people I know.

Another woman I know cheated on her first husband. She is remarried now after years of counseling, and I know without a doubt she would never cheat again.

These are just my personal stories. The world is full of stories of people who cheated for great reasons at the time, and either they matured and grew out of it or they learned their lesson from the way things ended.

Cheating isn't a sign that someone will cheat again in the future. As much as we would like to believe there is one easy way to tell, there just simply is not. Cibrian may cheat. He may not. But either way, it won't be because he cheated before.

Do you think "once a cheater, always a cheater"?


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