Sharon Osbourne Rips ‘Bully’ Lady Gaga a New One -- & She Kind of Deserves It

sharon osbourne kellyNot one to mince words, Sharon Osbourne ripped Lady Gaga a new one recently in an open letter she penned to the singer on her Facebook page. The letter is a response to some not-so-nice things Gag's has said about her daughter, Kelly Osbourne.

If you think it's a little ridiculous that a grown-ass woman's mommy is getting involved and attempting to fight her daughter's battles, you'd be right. But the issue definitely gets a little murky when you learn that Kelly's been receiving death threats, thanks to Lady G.

Oh yes, there are actually people out there who love a celebrity that much.


Here's what happened: A few days ago, Lady Gaga penned an open letter to Kelly on her LittleMonsters website, calling her a bully, being that her hosting gig on E!'s Fashion Police is pretty much one big celeb bash-fest. If you haven't seen the show, Osbourne, along with Joan Rivers and Giuliana Rancic, basically sit around, looking at photos of famous people, and cattily critique them. In her letter, Gaga wrote: "To see you blossoming into a beautiful slender woman who makes fun of others for a living is astounding." The letter goes on to talk about how Kelly is wrong for taking part in this kind of behavior, etc. etc. And Lady Gaga's fans -- because they're obsessed with her -- attacked Kelly in response to this letter. According to Sharon, people have said "libelous, slanderous, and vile comments about [her] family, including death threats to Kelly." Which is obviously messed up.

Sharon's very public letter asks Lady Gaga why she didn't choose to talk to Kelly privately, as opposed to going public with such words that would clearly incite her fans to rise up against her daughter. She has a point.

While I don't think Kelly's behavior on Fashion Police is the kindest thing in the world (and while I don't think Sharon needs to fight her daughter's battles), Sharon does have a point: If Gaga really wanted to "rectify" Kelly's behavior, why not talk to her privately? Clearly, Lady Gaga's fiercest fans are gaga for her, and will pretty much follow whatever she says -- she knew exactly what this would result in: An all-out anti-Osbourne campaign. Also, why single out Kelly? What about Joan and Giuliana?

At the end of the day, this is most likely because of a silly little tiff between Kelly and Lady Gaga (Kelly once said she thought Gaga was pregnant, because of her weight gain and undyed locks). Sharon really doesn't need to get involved. But at the same time, Lady Gaga shouldn't have made this so public. How can anyone fight against Lady Gaga's fans?

What do you think of this?

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