‘Katepedia’ Breaks Down Kate Middleton’s Style So You Can Copy It

kate middletonIf you love Kate Middleton's style and have always wanted to know how she does it, British Vogue has cracked her code! The fashion magazine conducted an intensive study of the Duchess' style, and they broke it all down for us. From the tilt of her hat and the length of her earrings to her heels -- anyone who wants to copy her style now has the ultimate cheat sheet.

They're calling it "Katepedia: A Study in Royal Style." Vogue looked at 30,000 photos and 100 different outfits in order to pinpoint the essence of Kate Style. Wow -- someone is just a little bit obsessed! Well, aren't we all. Here's a few highlights from Katepedia.

  • Blue: Almost a quarter of Kate's outfits featured her favorite favourite color.
  • Boat necks: Nearly half (42 percent) of her outfits included this neckline.
  • Clutch: The Duchess almost always carries one, and half of the time she's holding it with both hands. And I presume the other half of the time she's holding it with just one hand because she's not magic. (Why do we need this detail?)
  • Earrings: Kate's drop earrings measure exactly one and one-third inches long. But nothing on how long her earlobes are.
  • Middleton smile: She shows an average of 8.6 teeth when she smiles. You read that right -- not "8.5 because we're sloppy with numbers," 8.6.
  • Fascinator tilt: 50 degrees. That is how it's done.

And those are all the details I could find. I guess I'll have to go and buy my own copy of the February British Vogue (AKA my new Bible) to get the rest. Paint-by-numbers Katie-style, here I come!

Oh, but wait. I'm not Kate Middleton. I'm me. I have a totally different shape, different coloring. I prefer v-necks to boat necks. I never have the occasion to wear fascinators. Oh yeah, and I'm an American, and for some strange reason I can't figure out, no one is custom designing Alexander McQueen dresses for me. (YET!) So while this scoop on Kate Middleton's style is endlessly, er, fascinating, I think I'm going to resist copying her. Much.

Do you want to know this much detail about Kate Middleton's style?


Image via Splash News

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