Actress Maude Apatow's Kardashian Impressions Are So Funny Even Kim Is Laughing (VIDEO)

maude apatow impersonating kardashiansIt's not every day that the Kardashian sisters laugh at themselves. Though, I've decided that it should be. Especially after seeing how awesome it is when they're willing to. Could be that they're kissing up to Judd Apatow -- because they know he's one of the most powerful moviemakers in Hollywood these days -- but Khloe, Kourtney, and Kim have now all blogged about the funny director's daughter, Maude Apatow, and her eerily spot-on, totally hilarious impressions of them.

The impersonations are actually part of a scene deleted from This Is 40, in which Maude plays Sadie, Leslie Mann (her actual mom) and Paul Rudd's characters' eldest daughter. In the clip, Sadie's Skyping with her BF and is trying to decide which Kardashian is her favorite. The result: Comedy gold.

Check it out ...



Ha, the girl's a total comedienne in training! But I am not at all surprised that such hilarity is coming from this 14-year-old. After all, we all know her genetics -- and the fact that she's grown up around Hollywood's funniest folks -- have primed her for this. 

What I'm truly most shocked by is how the Kardashian sisters totally embraced being mocked and are at least blogging that they think Maude is hilarious. But proving that they aren't always taking themselves too seriously -- especially when they're being teased by an actress as adorable as Maude -- might be one of the best career moves any of them could make. After all, we all love a star who can laugh at their own ridiculousness.

How cute is this? How do you feel about the Kardashians' responses?


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