Singer Jenni Rivera's Tragic Death Leads to Rumors of Drug Cartel Connections

Jenni RiveraIt's been almost exactly one month since Mexican-American superstar Jenni Rivera died in a plane crash in Mexico, and disturbing new reports are surfacing about the 43-year-old singer's life prior to the crash. According to several Mexican news organizations, Rivera had ties to the Beltran Leyva drug cartel, an organized crime syndicate responsible for trafficking cocaine, marijuana, and heroin.

Apparently an attorney for the Beltrán Leyva cartel has come forth (anonymously, of course) to expose Rivera’s relationship with the organization. It's hard to say what, if ANYTHING, this has to do with her death -- but one thing seems certain. Between these cartel allegations and the ensuing legal mess related to the crash, Rivera's legacy won't exactly be resting in peace any time soon.


Even in death, Rivera can't seem to escape the drama she had in life. Her personal relationships were extremely troubled (her first marriage was marred by abuse and molestation, her second husband was sentenced for his involvement in the drug trade, her third marriage ended in October of 2012 amid rumors of an affair between her husband and her eldest daughter), and the details of her plane crash in December were eyebrow-raising, to say the least.

Now there are rumors coming out that she was connected to an infamous drug trafficking organization, and often performed at parties and events for the cartel. Reportedly, she was once brutally kicked by notorious drug kingpin Edgar Valdez Villarreal, or “El Barbie,” as part of a bizarre prank.

In 2009, Rivera denied being knowingly involved with a cartel, saying,

Yes, it is true that at times you are not aware of who contracts you [for a show]. They tell you that you will sing at a certain place and that they will pay you a certain amount of money.

The owner of the plane that crashed is also under investigation for suspected ties to drug trafficking, and family members of the people who died alongside Rivera have just filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Starwood Management for negligence.

As if all this isn't messy enough, Rivera reportedly left a letter bequeathing the management of her $25 million estate to her sister, which experts predict will be contested in court. Her father already confirmed that Rivera's funeral had been delayed for "legal reasons," and ... well, the whole thing is just a perfect shitstorm, isn't it? Grieving family members, lawyers sharpening their knives, the media eager to report on anything juicy, and a ton of money.

Personally, I doubt any connection Jenni Rivera may have had to a drug cartel actually led to her plane going down -- but it's just one more upsetting headline-grabbing element for a woman whose rocky life is still creating news weeks after it came to such an abrupt and tragic end.

What do you think about these drug cartel allegations against Jenni Rivera? Do you think we'll find out anything suspicious about her death?

Image via Jenni Rivera

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