If Kate Middleton Has a Girl, She'll Be a Princess (Literally)

tiaraBehold, subjects of the Crown and also Americans who are into this sort of thing: If Prince William and Kate's baby is a girl, she shall be given the title of "Princess." The Queen has decreed it! And if you're wondering why this needs an announcement, it actually required the Queen to change the rules by "issuing new Letters Patent."

Before, a girl born to a prince could only be called "Lady." Only a first-born son would get a royal title. But Queen Elizabeth II is getting with the times, and she decided a little baby girl should get the same royal treatment as a little baby boy. This lays the groundwork for Will and Kate's child to someday inherit the throne, regardless of gender.

Of course, all our little girls are princesses.


Sorry, I just had to say that. Every little girl ever born is Mommy and Daddy's little princess! YES SHE IS! But not every little girl ever born is England's Princess.

So this gets the UK a step closer in closing the gender gap as far as inheriting the throne goes. After all this fuss, it's just going to be all that much more disappointing if Kate ends up having a little boy. I would be rooting for a little girl for those two, anyway (the dresses!), but it would also be cool if they were part of changing history and all that. Know what I mean?

And can you imagine what it must be like to be born a princess -- or a prince, for that matter? Or to raise one? The pressure! Well, Prince William knows it well, so I'm sure he and Kate will be fine parents to the future prince or princess.

Do you ever call your kids "prince" or "princess"?


Image via Robynlou8/Flickr

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