Justin Timberlake Is Ready to Deliver What We've All Been Waiting For (VIDEO)

justin timberlake i'm readyJustin Timberlake has a bombshell announcement for us. The multi-talented singer/actor/overall beloved entertainer delivered a cryptic tweet last night that said nothing more than, "Thursday, January 10th, 2013 at 9:01 am PST..." Our best guess was that it had something to do with JT fiiiiiiiiiiinally bringing sexy back?!

Then, this morning, he teased us again, tweeting, "#JT2013 ... I think I'm READY!" and sharing a ... VIDEO. OMGGG! And although his website leads to a countdown that appears to lead to midnight Sunday, with no explanation, the clip makes it apparent that all of this is the comeback fans have been waiting six years for.

Check it out ...


Squeeee!!! It's about time! I love how he acknowledged that people have pretty much all but given up on him putting out another album, because it's so true. We have absolutely no patience. We're all just way too ADD when it comes to waiting for pop stars to deliver new material. But you gotta give an amazing artist like JT some space, some time. Not everyone's Rihanna or Taylor Swift, churning out nonstop, radio-ready single after single, album after album. And thank goodness for that, because I'd much prefer quality over quantity. And that's what Justin's saying, people. He's way too passionate about music to put out garbage. And thus, why we've have to wait six years for MORE.

Knowing he's a perfectionist and has waited for genius to strike, we can rest assured that whatever he delivers is going to be GOLD -- or more likely, platinum! I'd venture to guess it'll blow everything that's been on the radio out.of.the.water. There's sure to be a Timbaland collabo but I'd bet he isn't gonna rely as heavily on his old pal. We can probably expect a lovey-dovey ballad or two about becoming an ol' married guy. Maybe his Lonely Island bud Adam Samberg will contribute in a funny way -- you know, in like the "intro" to a track.

But the biggest buzz, according to Complex.com's investigation via Twitter, is that there's a single featuring Jay-Z and Beyonce, and that's what he's gonna drop tonight. Simply. EPIC. Happy 2013 indeed!

How psyched are you for JT's comeback?! What do you foresee it looking/sounding like?


Image via JustinTimberlake/YouTube

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