If Taylor Swift Wanted Harry Styles’ Attention Last Night, It Didn’t Work

taylor swiftTaylor Swift looked fantastic last night at the People's Choice Awards. The normally demure(ish) star went for a more daring, kind of risque look with a super low-plunging neckline and a decolletage that wasn't leaving much to the imagination. Some people are saying that the sexy look was a bit of an eff you to Harry Styles, whom she recently broke up with. And if that's the case, live and let Taylor live. But the thing is -- if that's what Taylor was trying to do, it didn't work. Because Harry was spotted leaving a club in London with a pretty brunette


Styles was photographed leaving a swanky GQ dinner in London with the attractive, relatively unknown actress Alexandra Roach. Roach accidentally dropped her clutch bag on the street, and the One Direction singer quickly swooped in to grab it for her. And then they got into a car together, so yeah. Didn't look like Harry was thinking about Taylor.

Of course, this could be nothing at all. These two crazy kids could just be pals, heading out for a nightcap, doing some late-night British thing. But let's get real here, when two attractive celebrities get into a car together -- and one of said celebrities just broke off a high-profile romance -- people are going to talk. And speculate. And assume. And all around, it just doesn't look good.

Some may say that Taylor probably doesn't care that this is what her ex was doing while she was werkin' it on the red carpet in her smokin' hot gown since she's supposedly the one who broke things off. But, I don't know, even if she broke up with him, this has to sting a little bit.

Do you think Taylor wanted to make Harry jealous?


Image via Splash

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