Olivia Munn 'Kanyes' Taylor Swift at People's Choice Awards & It's Not Pretty (VIDEO)

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Man. Poor Taylor Swift just can't seem to catch a break, can she? She's about as unlucky in love as a girl can get, and based on what went down when she accepted her People's Choice Award for Favorite Country Artist last night, it's clear that her track record for awards shows hasn't improved one bit.

OMG. I seriously had to hide my eyes after watching Olivia Munn pull a Kanye on Taylor when she came on stage to accept her award -- that's how awkward their little exchange was. And yes, I know Olivia was just trying to be funny and all, but it was still tough not to be really, really embarrassed for Tay-Tay.


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In case you missed Olivia refusing to hug Taylor and taking her award right out of her hands -- you're in luck. The whole thing was captured in this video clip.


Yikes! "This is your lot in life, Taylor." Yeah, that had to sting just a tad, no matter how funny it was supposed to be. And unfortunately, things only got worse from there. The video cuts off before Taylor left the stage, but as she exited, did you happen to catch what song magically came on?

Yeah, it was a One Direction's "Live While We're Young." (Oh, no they didn't!) My jaw dropped when it came on, so I can only begin to imagine how mortified Taylor must have been. Way to throw a fresh breakup right back in a girl's face!

I don't know what everyone in the entertainment world has against her, but Taylor was the brunt of quite a few jokes last night. From host Kaley Cuoco making some crack about her being elected as President of the United States (which actually isn't a half bad idea) to Adam Levine going on and on about how he couldn't find a sincere word in his brain because Taylor used them all in her speech (or something to that effect) -- last night simply wasn't Taylor's night.

Oh well. Maybe she'll have better luck at the Grammys this year. But she might want to think about waiting 'til the day after the show to break up with whomever she happens to be dating at that point. And to be safe, maybe she should just accept any awards she wins via satellite.

Were you embarrassed for Taylor last night?


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