7 Beautiful 'Walking Dead' Prints Turn Zombie-Slaying Into an Art Form

rick walking dead printOnly about a month left until season 3 of The Walking Dead returns, woo-hoo! I don't know about you, but that's about all the wait I've got left in me. At least in the meantime we can surround ourselves with beautiful artwork inspired by the series. No, really. I'm not talking about the usual TV show-themed posters and calendars featuring full color photography of leading cast members (though of course a lifesized poster of Andrew Lincoln, aka Rick Grimes, would indeed be a beautiful work of art).

I'm talking about this series of Walking Dead minimalist prints by DesignDifferent. They're unique, disturbing, and lovely all at the same time -- kind of what you might expect Martha Stewart to hang on her walls if she were a Walking Dead fan (which she could be, for all I know). Plus they're all super-affordable, ranging in price from about $20 to $70. Just check out this gorgeous gallery ... and say goodbye to your blank walls.

Images via etsy.com

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