4 Couples' Tips for Kim Kardashian & Kanye to Make It Work After Baby

kim kardashianWhile some judgy people are busy disapproving of Kim Kardashian's decision to get pregnant with Kanye's baby before marrying him, other people are talking about why their unmarried state is a good thing. Really, it's kind of a done deal now, so what those two need most of all is to figure out how to make it work.

What's best for that baby -- and the baby's parents from this point on? Celeb therapist Dr. Laura Berman has some advice for Kim. And I bet there are other tips out there for unmarried parents. If Brad and Angelina and so many others can make it work, so can Kimye.


Talk about your expectations. Dr. Berman says unmarried couples need to have an honest conversation about the future of their relationship. How committed are you -- really? Is this 'til death do you part (just not legally)? Are you getting married? When? If your partner seems reluctant to commit to specifics, you should pay attention to that. 

Getting married isn't always the best option for everyone. "At the end of the day, happy, loving adults tend to parent better than their unhappy counterparts, regardless of whether they have walked down the aisle or not," says Dr. Berman. Oh man, how many "shotgun" weddings have we seen end in divorce? (Two in my family so far.)

Know your rights and responsibilities. There are some very important legal matters you need to take care of before they become an issue later on. Who are the legal parents in the eyes of the law? If both of you want to be considered legal parents, better get that in writing. Here are some other legal questions unmarried parents should figure out together.

Know your odds. There are a bajillion studies out there about the risks and issues families with unmarried parents face. I know we all want to believe we are the exception, but looking at those risks realistically can give you a lot to think about so you know what challenges you're facing. 

What else do you think Kim and Kanye should think about -- since the baby is already on its way?


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