Kris Humphries Gives Kim Kardashian a Taste of Her Own Medicine by Delaying Divorce

kim kardsahin kris humphries
In "happier" times.
They say the best revenge is living well, but if I'm Kris Humphries, I'm thinking that, actually, the best revenge is to make my divorce from Kim Kardashian a Herculean task comparable to making a two-footer from the baseline. Rumor has it that since Kim announced her pregnancy with Kanye West, Kris is more motivated than ever to drag out their official split.

Interestingly enough, it all starts with Kanye West's father ...


According to Now magazine, Kanye's dad is very Catholic (can you qualify a religion? whatever) and is desperate for Kim and Kanye to tie the knot before the baby gets here so it's not born out of wedlock.

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Can't you just feel Kris Humphries rubbing his delicate hands together as he develops his egomaniacal plan to prolong the divorce as long as possible? I sure can, and it's awesome.

Kim needs a taste of her own medicine. She totally turned Kris' world into a soap opera and now it's her turn to feel what it's like to have someone toy with your life. The marriage was all a game to her and poor Kris was swept away by paychecks, stardom, and the death grip Kris Jenner had on his balls.

I don't blame him for turning the tables on Kim. Two can play at her game. Can't wait to see how this all plays out, but knowing the Karashians, it won't be too long before this is made into an episode of reality TV for our viewing pleasure. Score!

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