'Mad Men' Season 6 Premiere Date Mystery May Be Just About Solved

mad men megan donThere's just one burning question on all Mad Men fans' minds. And it's not whether or not Don Draper will still be married to Megan, Betty will have lost weight, or what will become of Joan and Roger's on-again, off-again romance and love child when the show returns. It's simply: What the heck is the season 6 premiere date?! Since Matthew Weiner is notoriously secretive about everything surrounding his AMC show, no one seems to know. But that doesn't mean we don't have some CLUES!

In fact, here are three, not-too-shabby theories as to when exactly the best show on TV -- sorry Downton fans -- will return, ordered from least to most likely ...


1. Our friends at Wetpaint reported back in November that prior to season 5, the trend was for Mad Men to premiere in the summer months -- typically July or August. So, we may have to wait that long to see season 6?! Say it isn't so!

2. As I reported last week, John Slattery talked about shooting the show and hinted at the premiere date in a December interview with TIME. He said, "We just started about a month ago, right back in the groove again. [The premiere] will be about the same time as last year." While this is anything but a precise science, that leads us to believe that the show will air around March 25. (Or, since it'll have to be a Sunday night, March 24?)

3. Just yesterday, Louie Schuth at Hypable published his mathematical, scientific approach to deducing the premiere date ... He says that Aaron Paul tweeted a July 14 Breaking Bad premiere date for the second half of the fifth (and final) season. The tweet has since been deleted -- probably because AMC is trying to keep the date under wraps -- but assuming it's accurate, Schuth says we can assume that Mad Men season 6 will have to be over before Breaking Bad premieres (because both shows get the same primo Sunday night slot). There are always 13 episodes per season of Mad Men, so the latest the season could start would be April 14. BUT -- the premiere will also have to wait until after the season 3 finale of The Walking Dead on March 31. So, April 7 is the earliest the season could premiere. He also notes that April 14 or 21 (especially if there's a two-part premiere) could be possibilities. Exciiiiiting!

When do you think Mad Men will be back?


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