Heidi Montag Regrets Becoming 'Surgery Girl' But What Else Is Interesting About Her? (VIDEO)

Heidi MontagHeidi Montag has publicly voiced her regret for all those plastic surgeries on more than one occasion. She's said if given the chance, she'd never do it again -- and that she wasn't prepared for the pain, or the emotional repercussions of enduring 10 cosmetic procedures in one day (to recap, these included a mini brow lift, Botox, a nose job revision, fat injections in her cheeks and lips, a chin reduction, liposuction on her neck, ears pinned back, a breast augmentation revision, liposuction on her waist and thighs, and a "buttocks augmentation").

Interestingly, she now seems to have a new and relatively intelligent perspective on how the surgeries affected her -- specifically, how being open about her surgeries forever altered her public persona.


Heidi Montag and her husband Spencer Pratt haven't exactly chosen to leave the reality cameras behind, since they've managed to land a gig as contestants on the UK version of Celebrity Big Brother. Montag revealed her plastic surgery woes to a fellow housemate while -- of course -- lounging in a hot tub, clad in a bikini. Here's what she said about not only undergoing all the surgeries, but promoting them via magazine covers and interviews:

I kinda wish I never talked about it and wish I didn't make it so public. I didn't realize I would be a surgery girl for the rest of my life. I just thought everybody did it and I didn't want to be a liar. It's really kind of backfired.

Well, yeah. I think there's a big difference between being honest that you've used Botox now and then, and doing full-page magazine spreads about your TEN surgeries, you know? Of course she's going to be known as surgery girl, not only does she look like a completely different person, she engineered her own news about it for months. It was so obvious she had this desperate need to become a celebrity, and was willing to pursue it at any cost, but now her cheesy, fake, fame-whoring persona will haunt her forever.

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While it might've been that way for her even without the surgeries -- god, all those painfully lame staged shots with Pratt -- I'd say she sealed her fate by not only getting the procedures, but going for so much press about it at the same time.

It almost seems like Heidi Montag has become a more mature, respectable person for what she's learned about fame and authenticity. Until, that is, you see the actual video of her talking about the surgery topic. Take a look:

She mentions "pretending to be a character" on The Hills ... but who's she pretending to be here? If there's a real Heidi Montag under all those nips and tucks, I truly can't see her.

Do you think Heidi Montag will ever be famous as anything other than a surgically-enhanced reality star?

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