Beyonce to Sing at Inauguration & She Gets the Best Song of All

beyonce inaugurationRemember when Beyonce sang "At Last" at President Obama's Inaugural Ball in 2009? And we all swooned, because Bey unleashed one (tastefully!) smouldering rendition of the ballad. She saved what can sometimes be a stilted and awkward moment -- the President and First Lady dancing all by themselves while everyone watches -- into a romantic, iconic moment we couldn't stop talking about for weeks.

Well, she's doing it again! Beyonce will sing the National Anthem at Obama's inauguration ceremony. And I know she's going to be amazing. It'll give us chills all over again. I can't think of anyone I'd rather hear perform at the ceremony, either.


I want to hear her nail those high notes! Plus, we know Beyonce is a big supporter of both Obamas. Remember her "Letter to the First Lady" video? It was so personal and sweet. And she was in the "Women for Obama" video, too. I think it makes a difference to know the person singing the National Anthem at a president's inauguration is sincerely excited about that president -- it makes a more inspired, exciting performance. (Actually, she sang at both the opening ceremony and the ball for the last inauguration.)

Kelly Clarkson and James Taylor will also be preforming at the inauguration. Like Bey, James sang at the last inauguration. And Kelly declared her support for Obama in 2012 ... er, after tweeting some very controversial support for Ron Paul. Poor Kelly! I think it's fitting that after all that, we'll get to hear from her at the inauguration, too. Oh yeah, plus she's a hella strong singer, so awesome.

But back to Beyonce, because that's whom I'm most looking forward to. I'm glad they invited her back again. She'll be the star of the -- whoops, what am I saying?!? She'll be a highlight of the ceremony.

What do you think of Beyonce performing at the inauguration again?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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