Rich Bethenny Frankel Wants Jason Hoppy to Pay WHAT in Their Divorce?

bethenny frankelDetails are starting to emerge regarding Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy's divorce, and as you probably suspect -- it ain't pretty. Apparently Bethenny, who is worth between $25-$55 million, wants Jason not only to pay child support (which, honestly, is understandable), but to pay medical, dental, optical, therapeutic, and orthodontic expenses for both HER and her daughter, Bryn. Additionally, she'd like life insurance that makes both herself and Bryn beneficiaries. And she also wants primary physical custody of Bryn.

Wow. Looks like things are about to get ugly over in Frankel-Hoppy-ville. These terms are ... interesting.


As far as the child support goes, I get it. Jason was involved in the creating of their daughter -- and he probably wants to help contribute to her life. But why does Jason need to pay for Bethenny's medical? And why does she need to be a beneficiary of his life insurance? I'm not a lawyer, and I'm sure we're not getting all the facts here, but these requests are just weird.

By no means is Jason poor -- and I'm sure he has some sort of piece of Skinnygirl after it was sold to Jim Beam, right? -- but this just seems like a bit much to ask of someone when you're fantastically more wealthy than they are. (In case you're wondering, yes, Bethenny and Jason do have a prenup -- it was signed five days before they got married.)

For the sake of their kid, and the sake of their sanity, I hope that Bethenny and Jason can come to an amicable resolution to this mess. But if this is any indication of the way things are headed, doesn't look that way.

Do you think Bethenny's requests are a bit much?

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