5 Reasons Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Were Never, Ever, Ever Gonna Stay Together

taylor swift harry stylesSo remember last week when Taylor Swift and Harry Styles made out in Times Square on New Year's Eve and everybody was like a zillion percent certain the couple was headed in One Direction, indeed: To the altar! (Because we all know how meaningful makeout sessions on New Year's Eve can be. Especially if both parties are sober enough to know each other's first names.)

Well, anyway, hope you didn't send a wedding gift just yet, because according to "a source," the pair decided to split up while vacationing in the British Virgin Islands (also last week). Apparently there was some sort of "heated argument," after which Swift went home to Nashville while Styles stuck around and hung out at gazilllionaire Richard Branson's home. (What two uber-wealthy/famous/beautiful kids could find to argue "heatedly" about in one of the most exquisite places on earth is up for debate.) Um, boo-hoo?

Seriously, don't tell me you didn't see this one coming. The signs were there from the start.


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5 Reasons Why Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Were Never, Ever, Ever Gonna Stay Together:

1. She's 23. He's 18. Come on, give me an effing break.

2. She's Taylor Swift. 'Member her? And her dating history?

3. He's a child. Yes, I know I already sort of said that.

4. She's Taylor Swift. 'Member her? Ugh, she's annoying.

5. She's a solo artist. He's a member of a boy band. As if that ever works! Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake, anybody? Tiffany and Jon Knight (he was a New Kid on the Block, all you whippersnappers)?

Did you ever think these two would make it as a couple?

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