Kim Kardashian's Extremely Low-Cut Maternity Dress Is Super Sexy

kim kardashianI think we all assumed Kim Kardashian would keep up her vampy, sexy style even while pregnant, but I had no idea she'd take it to a new level. Kim was just spotted in Miami wearing one of her most revealing outfits to date. When most people sort of tone it down when they're expecting, Kim turns it up. She's all, Gimme a dress with a giant cut-out in the front that's too small in the chest area and has dangly spikey-things on it, OK?

Girl asked, and she received. It's a mystery how this thing even stayed up. It's overtly sexy, it shows way too much boob, and it leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination. It's perfect.


It's perfect because it's totally Kim. Only she would do this. Only she would show more skin when she's pregnant than when not. And you know what? Why shouldn't she.

A pregnant body is a beautiful body. No need to cover it up in baggy sweats and frumpy dresses. Kim is celebrating the changes her figure's going through one cleavage- and torso-bearing outfit at a time. Good for her.

I think it's great she's staying true to herself and isn't morphing into someone she's not. While it's a little jarring to see, um, all of her out like this when in just six months she'll be popping out a little Kardashian-West, I guess it would be even more surprising to see Kim going out in Miami in boot-cut jeans, flats, and a Gap hoodie.

So far, Kim wins for sexiest maternity-wear. Jessica Simpson and Kate Middleton better step up their game! (Or, you know, not.)

Did you dress sexy when you were pregnant?


Photo via hollywood PR/Flickr

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