Kate Middleton Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead in a Kim Kardashian Dress

kate middletonDon't expect to see Kate Middleton in anything, you know, super sexy any time soon. Roland Mouret, a designer who's worked closely with the Duchess of Cambridge, revealed that Kate's very careful about what she wears. Apparently, she doesn't want a "Pippa situation", which is to say she doesn't want to gain fame for wearing something that reveals too much, and is adamant about things not being too tight or too flashy.

And I assume Kate sure as hell doesn't want to be caught wearing anything that Kim Kardashian has worn, or possibly would wear. I mean, could you imagine the two of them in the same dress? The horror.


To ensure that there's no overlap, Kate only wears things from last season since she knows Kim (or any other fashionista) would never commit such a crime.

That said, Kanye West is apparently trying to make Kim dress more like Kate, to tone down the overt sexiness and to try to class it up a bit ... but is Kimye so infatuated with the Duchess' style that they'd stoop to shopping last season's sales?

Ms. Middleton better watch out. Since she and Kim are both pregnant (which I still can't wrap my mind around), the maternity wear pool is smaller and there'll be less designer duds to choose from -- an overlap is almost inevitable.

Kate and her team better stay diligent in protecting their Duchess from the tabloid frenzy that would occur if a pregnant Kate and a pregnant Kim were photographed in the same maternity dress. I don't care if the Duchess' handlers need to stay awake 24/7 to make sure this doesn't happen -- their dedication to the cause will pay off.

Because as soon as one of them slips and Kate and Kim are in a side-by-side face-off, I will light my hair on fire if Kim is voted the winner. I'm just not ready for that sort of slap in the face.

Who do you think will have better pregnancy style: Kim or Kate?


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