Is Kim Kardashian Too Sexy For Her Baby?

Kim Kardashian

The paparazzi are going nuts right now over a newly-pregnant Kim Kardashian, who's strutting her curvier-than-ever stuff in form-fitting dresses with cutouts in all the right places.

Kim knows how to get attention, and she isn't going to let a little thing like a baby on board hold her back.

But some might argue that now's the time for Kim K. to act a little more modest.

What do you think? Should Kim cover up a bit while she's pregnant, or continue to let it all hang out?


I suspect Kim's simply trying to one-up her sister Kourtney, who's become known for wearing clingy maternity clothing, not to mention bikinis well into the third trimester.

Kim's a smart businesswoman, and she knows that putting her ample cleavage on display now will guarantee her a spot in all the tabloids.

But what works in Hollywood might not go over so well in real life. I remember it being tough to find anything that was even remotely stylish when I was pregnant, let alone revealing. Most outfits looked like tents in various colors and patterns. And I didn't want to spend too much on anything since I wouldn't be wearing it that long, either. Add to that the fact that my ankles swelled up like elephant's legs and it's safe to say that I felt about as unsexy as it's possible to feel while I was pregnant. I would NOT have worn anything like what Kim's wearing in the photo above! I would have been horrified if someone had even suggested it!

It seems that lately, though, Hollywood mommies are leading the charge to prove that pregnant women can and SHOULD be sexy, too. From sky-high stiletto heels to maternity minis, nothing is out of bounds when it comes to a celebrity's maternity wardrobe.

I'm afraid, though, that this is how the average pregnant woman would do in "sexy" maternity gear:

Just sayin.'

So ... How do you feel about this whole sexy pregnant lady thing? Does Kim get a hall pass since she's, you know, KIM? Or should she tone it down while she's with child?

And what do you think about the rest of us? Should the average woman attempt to be sexy while she's pregnant? Or should she save the short skirts and skimpy tops for later?


Image via Splash News

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