Bethenny Frankel’s Divorce Was Inevitable, Wasn’t It?

bethenny frankelBy now you've heard the sad news that Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy are officially divorcing. While it is one of the most unsurprising celeb split-ups in history (have you seen Bethenny Ever After?), it's still a bummer. When Bethenny and Jason first got together during her Real Housewives of New York days, they were so adorable. I was really rooting for them. The calm, practical Jason seemed like the perfect match for the high-strung, neurotic Bethenny. They complemented each other. And she seemed happy with him. More happy than she's ever seemed at any other point in her reality TV career. What went wrong? What happened to the two of them? Well, for starters, seems like Bethenny chose her career over her husband.


This, of course, is all from an outsider's perspective, but Bethenny has put her entire life on TV, so I don't think weighing in is completely out of line here. Bethenny has a crazy life. Obviously. If you've seen her show, or even just Googled her name, you know that she has about 974 projects going on at all times. And although she tends to complain that things are "too much" a lot, she seems to like it this way. After all, she rarely turns down a business opportunity -- and I get that's part of business -- but where does it end? How rich do you have to be? How many magazine covers do you need to grace? And what's it all for if you have no one to enjoy it with?

I'm sure there's much more to Bethenny and Jason's divorce than we know about, but it really did seem like Bethenny ran all over the place like a whirling dervish while Jason sort of just ... sat there. I don't think that he's the saint he was originally painted to be (or maybe he changed?), due to the fact that, well, Bethenny was constantly saying he wasn't. But I mean -- what was he supposed to do? Sort of seems like any time he wasn't 100 percent on board and happy with what Bethenny was doing, it pissed Bethenny off. That's not a marriage. That's a business relationship. It was about Bethenny 99 percent of the time in their relationship -- at least it seemed that way. If they were ever going to make it, they needed to work to figure out where and how their relationship fit into things. And it doesn't really seem like they spent too much time trying to figure things out, save for that weird cruise thing they went on. And perhaps the reason for that is -- Bethenny would realize that in order to make things work, she'd have to scale back with work and didn't want to.

Like I said, Bethenny and Jason's break up wasn't surprising at all. We all saw it coming. But it's still sad. It's sad for their daughter, Brynn. It's sad for Jason. And it's sad for Bethenny, who's built an amazing empire, but won't have anyone to share it with.

What do you think of Bethenny and Jason's breakup?

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