'Best Funeral Ever' Is NOT Just Another Tacky Train Wreck Reality Show (VIDEO)

best funeral ever You could say there are two types of people in this world: Those who reacted to the debut of TLC's latest reality show, Best Funeral Ever, with shrieks of horror and/or disbelief, and those who reacted to Best Funeral Ever with shrieks of glee and and/or disbelief. I'm in the latter camp, because, let's face it: Here Comes Honey Boo Boo exists, people. We hit bottom a loooooong time ago. And guess what else? Best Funeral Ever isn't merely entertaining in that ghastly train wreck sort of way we all love. No, we can actually LEARN from this show. You know what I learned from the first episode?

Most of us people in this here world have been doing the whole funeral thing wrong. Ain't no funeral like a BBQ sauce fountain funeral cause a BBQ sauce fountain funeral don't stop!


No, seriously, there was a point to the BBQ fountain. That particular funeral was for the original singer of the Chili's Baby Back Ribs song, so a casket that looked like a smoking pit and a ginormous side of ribs were appropriate, kinda. See, the whole point of funerals as far as Dallas' Golden Gate Funeral Home is concerned is to celebrate the life of the deceased, not mourn that person's death. For example, another family held their loved one's funeral at a State Fair and took the urn filled with ashes on a roller coaster ride because that person, in life, had a physical condition which made riding roller coasters impossible. Aww. That's sweet. And sad.

Are these funerals "tacky" and unconventional? I guess so. But if it makes the families feel better, who's to judge?

Check out this clip and tell us ...

Do you think Best Funeral Ever goes too far?


Image via TLC/YouTube

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