Emily Maynard on ‘DWTS’ Not Confirmed ... Thank Goodness!

emily maynardIs she, or isn't she? Everyone's dying to know if Emily Maynard will be a contestant on Dancing With the Stars. I, for one, stare at the ceiling at night mulling over what it would mean for The Bachelorette alumna if she joined the popular ABC reality show on which D-listers dress up like dinner mints and twirl around on some blonde hardwood. Would it be a good thing? Would it be a bad thing? Am I really thinking about this?


The answers, for what it's worth, are no, yes ... and duh.

We heard rumors back in early December that Emily had confirmed her spot on DWTS, but just a few days after that, her participation was denied. Now, it seems like it's up in the air whether or not she'll move to L.A. to dance her heart out on TV.

For her sake, though, I hope she turns down what I'm sure is a very lucrative offer. I get that as a single parent, Emily needs a job (if only to set a good example for her daughter), but I don't think that job should be Professional Reality Star. Having done two seasons of The Bachelor and having her personal life splashed on magazine covers nationwide, I can only assume that that sort of lifestyle isn't as appealing as it once was. Plus, a move across the country would disrupt her daughter's life a bit, which is something to consider.

And for our sake, I hope she also stays far, far away from DWTS. It's a recorded fact that Emily only knows two phrases in the English language: "Aww, you're so sweet" and "Thank you so much." All I'm saying is that her response to a low score would make everyone really uncomfortable. That, and you need some personality to dance. Emily would bring as much sauce to the dance floor as a 65-year-old nun.

We'll see if she signs on the DWTS dotted line, but here's hoping she says, "Aww you're so sweet, thank you so much", while shaking her gorgeous head, "no."

Do you wanna see Emily on DWTS?


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