Dina Lohan Explains Why Lindsay Is 'So Screwed Up' But Fails to Fix a Damn Thing

Dina LohanFINALLY, an explanation for the increasingly inexplicable behavior of Lindsay Lohan over the years. If you ever wondered how, exactly, Lindsay went from that adorable redheaded freckle-faced Parent Trap star-in-the-making to, well, whatever she is now, someone finally has answers -- and it's Lindsay's own mother, Dina Lohan.

Dina Lohan recently told the New York Daily News why Lindsay is so, and I quote, "screwed up." According to Dina, Lindsay's troubles all stem from the fact that she saw her dad Michael assault her mom, during a turbulent marriage that included abuse and rape.

In a history of extreme allegations between the members of this family, Dina's domestic abuse allegations might be the most shocking to date.


Dina alleges that before her marriage to Michael ended in 2007, she suffered several occasions of abuse. She specifically mentioned a 1986 incident, which left her with a bruised face, and produced a hospital document noting her treatment on December 4, 1986 for "blunt trauma." Dina also accuses Michael of sexually assaulting her on February 14, 1990, and Nassau County Hospital medical records show that Dina did go to the ER at that time to report a rape.

Dina says that observing this dysfunctional marriage as a child left Lindsay with permanent issues:

Lindsay saw her dad abuse me—that's why she's so screwed up. (...) She saw a lot of crazy stuff. I want the world to know the root of her problems.

The alleged abuse is why Dina got an order of protection against Michael in 1987, which was just the first of several she would get over the next 12 years. As for why she never filed charges against him, she says:

Lindsay saw all the beatings and all the abuse. She said, "Stay, mommy, don’t leave." (...) Like many victims of domestic violence and rape, I was embarrassed and afraid. I was very young ... I thought I could keep fixing him. (...) I need to make the world aware that Lindsay is messed up because her father is messed up.

Michael has a very different story for both of Dina's allegations, of course. He says the 1986 bruise happened because of a mutual scuffle that happened after she hit him with an ice tray, and that the so-called "rape" was consensual sex that Dina reported afterwards in a jealous fit after she heard he was with another woman.

So ... yeah, that's a lot to take in. Dina Lohan doesn't exactly seem like the most trustworthy source in the world, but given Michael Lohan's history of domestic abuse, her story certainly doesn't sound all that far-fetched.

But really, the thing that's the most SCREWED UP here is this family's insistence on publicly airing their dirty laundry. I mean, stop talking to the press and start talking to some counselors, for christ's sake. It seems like a step in the right direction for Dina to actually admit that her daughter is troubled, now get some freaking help already. I mean, what, does she think that Lindsay's going to get a free pass from all her legal woes and terrible acting reviews with these revelations?

I feel sorry for Lindsay having been born into this messed-up family, but she's a big girl. Her shitty past can't excuse her -- or her mom's -- current behavior. Until a single member of the Lohan clan actually starts working to solve their problems behind closed doors and takes responsibility for their actions, nothing's going to change.

What do you think about Dina Lohan's allegations? Do you think it's a valid excuse for how Lindsay turned out?

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