10 Reasons 'Real Housewives' Kyle Richards Makes Us All Crazy Jealous

Kyle Richards Real HousewivesThere is only one Real Housewives show I can stomach right now, but it's a doozy: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. If there is a better one, I don't want to know! Most of this is because of Kyle Richards. Perfect, perfect Kyle Richards.

It's not enough that she has long, gorgeous hair even in her 40s and that she looks about 29, she also has a rocking bod, a killer marriage, and really well-behaved, sweet children. Sigh.

The reality is, we all kinda sorta want to be Kyle. Of the women on the show, she is the one who never fights (except with her sister Kim who usually starts it anyway) and rarely becomes tabloid fodder. Here are the top 10 reasons we all are jealous of Kyle:

  1. Her Hair: Long, shiny, perfect black hair. She breaks every rule about women over 40 and long hair, but with hair like that, who cares?
  2. Her Way With Women: Seriously, does ANYONE dislike Kyle? She seems to just be friends with everyone. This is contrary to pretty much every other real housewife in the history of the show.
  3. Her Splits: She can DO THE SPLITS, people. I couldn't do that since I was 5!
  4. Her Husband: As far as husbands go, Mauricio Umansky is outstanding. He's hot. He's grounded. He's supportive. And he is worth a reported $100 million.
  5. Her Kids: Seriously, how are they ALL so sweet and well-behaved? Can't one be a wild child?
  6. Her Mother-in-Law: Yes, she even loves her mother-in-law. And her mother-in-law loves her. JEALOUS.
  7. Her Clothing: Maybe having four daughters makes your clothing better? Whatever the reason, mama can dress! She always looks perfect, age appropriate, classy, AND sexy.
  8. Her Rockin' Bod: She has expressed discomfort with her body in the past, but she looks AMAZING. Forty-three never looked so hot.
  9. Her House: Come on. That shite is gorgeous, right?
  10. Her Car: It's a gorgeous Maserati. Plus it has a convertible top, something we East Coasters can only imagine.

Are you envious of Kyle? Or does another Housewife make you swoon?


Image via Bravo

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