Justin Bieber Pot Smoking Rumors Heat Up as New Partying Photos Emerge

Justin BieberNow that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up (yes, again) right before New Year's Eve, no one will be surprised if they both appear to be a little bit down in the dumps for the next few weeks. After all, they were each other's first loves, and first love is hard, and getting over it can be kind of tough, to say the least.

But after seeing photos on TMZ of what appears to be Justin Bieber smoking pot at a party on January 2nd, it looks as though he's chosen to mend his broken heart by partying like it's, well -- 2013.

Yes, you read that right. Justin Bieber was caught red handed puffin' on somethin' -- which really looks like a blunt.


Huh. That's odd. The photographer who was killed last week while chasing Bieber's Ferrari, Chris Guerra, supposedly told someone on the phone that he saw the Biebs smoking pot in his car. But then sources close to Justin said that he was harassed by Guerra, and also said he lied about Justin smoking weed.

I guess we'll never know what Chris Guerra did or didn't see go down in Bieber's car, but one thing's for sure. Based on the photos, Justin does appear to be smoking something other than a cigarette.

And according to a source, Justin's pal Lil Twist was in attendance at the party, and he and his brother were "rolling all the blunts and smoking everyone up."

Man. So far the new year really isn't off to a great start for Justin. First he and Selena have an explosive fight and call it quits. Then a photographer dies while trying to nab a shot of his car. Top those two things off with pics of him possibly smoking weed all over the Internet and you've got yourself the ultimate trifecta of 19-year-old pop star drama.

Ok, so I guess we really can't fault the Biebs for trying to drown his sorrows a little after losing his girl right before New Year's -- but doesn't he realize that he's Justin Bieber? And since he's Justin Bieber, whatever party he happens to be at probably has a person or two in attendance with a cell phone camera, which is a recipe for disaster should he choose to partake in whatever antics happen to be going on.

(Better luck next time, dude. I'm just not sure how you're going to wrangle yourself outta this one.)

Do you think Justin is really smoking pot in these photos, or is it just some sort of fancy looking cigarette?


Image via Splash

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