Kristen Stewart Can't Bear to Be Without Her 'Wedding Ring'

bella swan wedding ringIf you're still wondering whether Kristen Stewart is legitimately in love with Robert Pattinson (and their relationship hasn't only been a really involved Twilight publicity stunt), look no further than this clear-as-day proof! In a new interview with Elle UK, KStew answered a question about her most prized possessions. Turns out, the items that are "insanely and deeply" important to her seem to have a lot to do with Rob. 

She said, “I have all the rings that I wore as Bella in Twilight, including her wedding ring. My other treasured pieces are mainly vintage and a Cartier ‘Nail’ bracelet that I wear a lot." She went on to explain that she usually takes "one or two things from each film as a souvenir," because "it's fun to put that stuff on; it reminds you of good times." Uh huh!


Funny, you wouldn't expect someone like KStew to be so emotional -- dare I say, sentimental?! -- about things like that. She strikes me as the type to think being crazy for jewelry is so materialistic. But then again, hey, this just goes to show that there's a very emotional component to jewelry.

Just off the top of my head, I can think of several people who have lost their wedding/engagement rings. In one really sad case, a widow's set was stolen. And an experience like that can be incredibly traumatizing. Yeah, on one hand, it's just a ring -- or earrings, or a necklace -- but on the other, we're talking about something that could be all you have left of a loved one, a priceless heirloom, or a piece that simply floods you with so many memories (or, as KStew would put it, "good times"). Clearly, emotional attachment to pieces like that is understandable -- and not to be underestimated.

That said, hearing her admit to being so attached to "Bella's wedding ring" makes it undeniable: Robsten's for real.

What jewelry do you have a major emotional attachment to?

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