Frank Ocean Pulled Over for Pot & His Hilarious Explanation Is a Celebrity First

Frank OceanThe last I heard about R&B singer Frank Ocean, he was getting a lot of positive attention for posting a sort of coming-out letter on his blog. Then his album Channel Orange came out too, and sold 131,000 copies in its first week. It seems like 2012 was a good year for Mr. Ocean, right up until December 31, when he temporarily lost his driver’s license and was cited with a marijuana possession charge.

Now, in my years of covering entertainment stories, I've seen a lot of celebrity apologies. I mean, a LOT. Some are sincere, most are total bullshit spewed out by the offender's PR flunkies. But Frank Ocean's public statement on being pulled over TWICE for driving more than 90 mph in 65 mph zones, and being caught with a bag of weed in his car? It's fantastic. It's hilarious. I might go so far as to say that it's the best celebrity response to any legal trouble EVER.


So apparently Ocean was first busted for speeding in Mono County, California, on December 30, and then his black BMW was stopped by officers for speeding AGAIN (both times, he was doing about 90 mph) on New Year's Eve. During the second stop, a sheriff's spokesperson claims "a strong odor of marijuana wafted out" as a deputy approached the vehicle. Cops found a small bag of pot in Ocean's car, and he was subsequently cited for marijuana possession -- in addition to driving with a suspended driver's license and having tinted front windows.

Ocean's license was confiscated, but his passenger was allowed to drive them home.

Now, celebrities caught in this type of situation have a couple of choices when it comes to the public attention on their legal woes. They can completely ignore it, apologize, or issue some ridiculous excuse about how they were suffering from "exhaustion and dehydration" or whatever.

Frank Ocean went for the rarely-chosen Door #4, and completely owned his behavior. Here's what he posted on Twitter:

Ha. Ha ha ha. HA HA HA HAAAA. That bitch fast.

Look, I'm totally not condoning hip-hop celebrities indulging in some reckless driving while lighting up, but I have to give him props for not trying to deny it or bury it or anything like that. Remember when Charlie Sheen went on that 2010 crazy naked drunk rampage in his hotel room with a screaming hooker hiding in his closet and his publicist said Sheen had been suffering from "an allergic reaction to some medication"? I'm just saying, I respect Frank Ocean WAY more for being up front about what happened. Frank Ocean smokes pot. Frank Ocean likes to drive the shit out of his high-performance luxury sports sedan. Ok guys, bye.

What do you think of Frank Ocean's 'explanation' for getting pulled over?

Image via Frank Ocean

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