'Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D' Is an Insult to the Original 1974 Film (VIDEO)

Texas ChainsawTexas Chainsaw Massacre 3D hits theaters today with a buzz and a body count. Like the films that have come before it and used the name of the 1974 classic, my guess is the new film will be full of boobs, torture, and pain. But that wasn't the point of the 1974 film.

As a horror movie aficionado, I always heard the legend of Texas Chainsaw, so when I saw it for the first time, I was surprised by how un-gruesome it was in comparison to later films like Slumber Party Massacre and other B-grade fare. The movie was dark and scary, but it was more a metaphor for the Vietnam War than a bit of torture porn.

The new ones are all T&A, slaughter, and gruesome deaths. One need only watch that poor guy get put on the meat hook one time before realizing the 2003 remake movie was all about showing off Jessica Biel's taut stomach and torturing some kids. Now the 3D version is going to be more of that. See below:


The story starts where the 1974 original film ends. After the murders, the entire family is "dead" except the infant, Heather, who is placed with an adoptive family. Twenty years later, "Heather" inherits a house from her long lost grandmother. The rest is history.

Even from the trailer, it's obvious that this film has more style than the original. It's more music video than film and more beautiful people than real, raw emotions. Who needs fear when you can see hot people get terrified.

The first film had a deeper message. This one just wants to get off on torture. See the original trailer below:

Different, no? The actors weren't glamorous or sexy and the fear was real. It was tied to the political events of the time.

Maybe it's asking too much from a slasher film. Hell, I love the blood and guts and the craziness of modern horror. But these aren't films. These are a lighter version of pornography, shot only for entertainment value and no deeper purpose. It is what it is and that's fine. Enjoy it for what it is. But stop capitalizing on the Texas Chainsaw name. Give it a new name.

Some ideas:

Rednecks Kill Hot Girls. Again.

Scary Freaks Carve Up Hot City People

Ugly Mutants Hate Beautiful Teens

Any other ideas?


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