Kate Middleton's Last Birthday Before Baby Is Bittersweet

Kate MiddletonThe countdown is on until Kate Middleton's royal birthday on January 9. The pregnant princess will be 31, and according to royal insiders there are big plans in the works to make it a special day for her highness.

Sources say Prince William is out to spoil his bride. The purchase of a country home is a possibility as is some sort of surprise involving family. I hope whatever it is, it's a day that's all about Kate. Because with a baby on the way, it's frankly the last birthday she'll ever have that will be.


As they say, motherhood changes everything; and birthdays are definitely included. Because a day that's supposed to be all about you simply can't be anymore because "you" now includes your children.

Instead of coconut cream cake that you love, you choose chocolate cake because the children don't like coconut. You'll never blow out your candles alone again once they're old enough to blow; and of course, that likely means you'll go years without a saliva-free piece of cake. Even when you make your wishes, you'll find they aren't for you, but them.

Sure there may be adult parties and a weekend getaway some years when you're away from them, but it's still not all about you, as you worry and call and wonder about the little beings at home you miss so much. You savor details to share with them, and you refrain from that third glass of champagne because you know they'll need you the next day.

And that's okay -- great even.  I wouldn't trade motherhood for all the coconut cream frosting in the world, but it doesn't mean I don't miss it. It doesn't mean I don't have some small pangs of longing for the days when my birthday was all about me. When I got to blow out my own candles and make my own wishes. When I didn't have to share my last perfect bite with a toddler who had already eaten hers.

So live it up, Kate. Enjoy this birthday, because you'll never have another one like it again. They'll probably be sweeter in the future, but they'll never be the same.

Do you miss having birthdays that were all about you since having children?


Image via Tom Stoper Photography/Flickr

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