Robert Pattinson Should Listen to His Sisters When It Comes to Kristen Stewart

robert pattinsonSo, this is awkward. I guess Robert Pattinson's family aren't big fans of one Kristen Stewart. Apparently, Rob's sisters Lizzy and Victoria spent all Christmas trying to convince him that KStew's not that awesome. (My words, not theirs.) They don't like that she, you know, ripped his heart out of his chest and punted it to New Zealand after cheating on him with Rupert Sanders and giving a statement to People about how sorry, how so, so sorry she was for getting busy with someone whose forehead is half the size of Rob's.

I gotta hand it to these Lizzy and Victoria characters -- it sounds like they've got their heads on straight. Rob should dump Kristen.


Unfortunately, though, that's not for us to decide.

It's a very sticky situation to be in. If your family doesn't like, let alone love, your significant other, tensions, and unsolicited opinions, can run high. But generally speaking, family members only want the best for each other, and many people feel it's their responsibility to save their brother/sister/mother from that terrible girlfriend/boyfriend/boyfriend.

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While no one can do any "saving", it's probably important to listen to what your family is saying. There's a reason they don't like Johnny Doe you brought home. And if your family isn't superficial or horrible, there's probably a very valid reason they don't like him.

It's beneficial to hear their thoughts, even if you don't heed their advice. They're seeing something you don't, and that should be a small yellow warning flag. You could be blinded by love or infatuation or that laser pen Johnny Doe shined in your eye, and point is, your family's just trying to do you a solid by speaking up.

Rob should hear out Lizzy and Victoria. He doesn't need to do what they say, but he should pay attention to their concerns. Who knows, maybe they're right about Kristen. (They are.)

So far, it seems, Rob's been ignoring everything they've said.

Do you listen to your family's opinion about your significant other?


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