Hillary Clinton Screenplay Getting Major Buzz, But Which Actress Should Play Her?

hillary bill wedding photoIn real life, Hillary Clinton is a Secretary of State stepping down after a successful term. But in Hollywood, "Hillary Rodham" may be a character in an upcoming movie about Madam Secretary's younger years called Rodham. No, there's no green light yet, but there is a buzz-worthy screenplay making the rounds. The script follows the exploits of a 20-something Hillary Rodham as she balances the pressures of her job (working to impeach Richard Nixon as the youngest attorney at the Justice Department) with her budding romance with an ambitious guy from Arkansas (a would-be politician named Bill Clinton). Sounds juicy!

Granted, it may be too soon to start thinking in these terms, but with the hype already surrounding the script -- it is #4 on the "Black List," a much-watched poll, in which film execs name the best unproduced scripts they've seen -- why shouldn't we start speculating on what it could look like and, most importantly, who would play Hill?


While I could see someone like Seth Rogen (with his hair grown out) or Jason Segel (also, with his hair grown out) taking a more dramatic turn to portray hippie-era Bill Clinton, the actress best suited to take on young professional Hillary is a bit tougher to guess.

Then again, this photo of her from back in the day looks so much like Scarlett Johansson, it's a bit freaky! And I could totally see ScarJo doing Hill justice. Who else ... hmm ... There's something about Mary-Kate and Ashley's kid sis, Elizabeth Olsen, that looks vaguely young Hillary. She may be able to pull it off. Lena Dunham is always thrown around these days as a possibility for any major female role, but with lighter hair and obviously her tats covered up, I could see it. (Regardless of who could be ultimately cast, please gaaawd no publicity stunts, like casting a trainwreck -- cough LiLo -- or reality star!)

As for how it'll turn out, I'd venture to guess this screenplay is perfect fodder for HBO or Showtime to pick up as a made-for-TV movie ... Usually I can't stand when anyone tries to make a biopic of a famous person while they're still alive and making history, but hey, if cast right, who knows? This could be a must-watch award winner.

If this flick gets made, would you check it out? Who would you cast as a young Hillary Clinton?


Image via Clinton Family Historical Collection

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