‘Les Mis’ Makes Parents Cry Their Eyes Out in Adorable Post-Movie Meltdown (VIDEO)

les mis parentsBoy oh boy, can I ever relate to the uncontrollably sobbing parents in this video, so thoughtfully (NOT!) filmed by their children after a "family trip to the Les Mis movie starring Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway." These poor heartbroken people having their post-cinema emotional breakdowns are exactly why I can't bring myself to see the film, even though it looks amazing: The trailer alone made me cry for two hours. Two hours! I'm not even exaggerating. A few minutes of skinny Anne Hathaway with her shorn head and big mournful eyes and that sad, sad song and I was toast. They don't call it Les Misérables for nothing, you know.


And how do the spawn of this sensitive pair react to their sorrowful display? They laugh. They LAUGH! "How can you laugh?" asks the mom, tearfully bundled up in the backseat. How, indeed!

Just watch:

Awwww! They're so, so sad and I completely get it. Especially the part where the mom decides the movie was better than the play. Because I saw Les Misérables on Broadway a billion years ago, and let me tell you, that trailer with Anne Hathaway made me cry sooooo much harder than the live onstage experience!!! (Maybe because my seats were kind of far away, but still.)

Can you relate to the parents in this video?


Image via rf24music/YouTube

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