Robert Pattinson Makes 'GQ's Best Dressed List Thanks to Kristen Stewart's Cheating

robert pattinsonWell, it looks like everyone's favorite vampire has one more accolade to stroke his ego with, because Robert Pattinson made British GQ's best dressed list -- and he managed to land himself in the top 10.

Yep, Rob took the number seven spot on the list of the best dressed men in Britain, which is pretty darn awesome, considering Prince William only came in at number 37. (WTF? Such a slap to Kate Middleton.)

But it's so, so obvious how Rob managed to nab such a high spot in the rankings -- and he has Kristen Stewart to thank for it.


No, she doesn't dress him in the morning or anything weird like that. (Then again, maybe she does.)

Did you notice how much more dapper Rob suddenly became after Kristen cheated on him with Rupert Sanders? You know, when they were out of each other's lives?

During the time they were broken up, he went from a shabby, grungy, don't-even-wanna-think-about-how-bad-his-clothes-stink-like-smoke kinda guy to this polished, handsome, refined, Christian Grey-like creature who graced the red carpet in sleek, very GQ-esque suits. (Coincidence?)

And that must have been the time period when GQ was analyzing which men to put on their list, because there's no way Rob would've wound up on it if he'd been sticking to his former uniform of ripped jeans and hoodies. (Or at least I highly doubt he would've made the cut.)

Of course, now that he's back with Kristen, he's been spotted wearing duds that are a bit more reminiscent of his grungier days. It's like he's falling back into old habits and doesn't feel the need to impress anyone now that they're back together.

Huh. If he has any desire to wind up on GQ's list next year, he might want to think about losing Kristen as an accessory for a second time. She's a real style killer.

Do you think Robert Pattinson deserved a spot on GQ's best dressed list?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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