Katie Holmes' 'Secret' Boyfriend Is Someone We All Know & Love

Omigod, everyone, I've got some news. Well, I've got some rumor. But it's an awesome rumor, one of those rumors you truly hope is actually true. (Hey, a lot of them are.) Katie Holmes had the biggest divorce news last year and all of us admired the way she handled it. Since then we've heard a couple of rumors about her dating life -- like that she saw ex-fiancé Chris Klein and called ex-boyfriend Joshua Jackson, but none of it stuck. We just continued to see Katie riding the subway on her way to Broadway rehearsals and carrying (always carrying) little Suri around the concrete jungle of New York.

But now rumor has it that Katie has been secretly dating someone for awhile. And guess who, y'all? Who, WHO?! If you ask me, it might be the perfect man for Katie ...


Sources say that Katie is dating ... (drum roll please) ...

Jake Gyllenhaal!!!!

Okay, Jake's name often comes up whenever there's a new Hollywood singlet available, but if this is true, it makes perfect sense. Here are some reasons Jake could be Katie's perfect leading man:

He's low-key like Katie. Never hear about Jake partying up a storm, getting arrested, or dating a string of young models.

He's serious about his women. Other than Taylor Swift, whom Jake dumped pretty quickly (who doesn't dump Taylor quickly?), Jake has been involved in two serious relationships: One with Kirsten Dunst and one with Reese Witherspoon.

Newww Yoooorrrrk. Jake lives there, like Katie. They can chill at home and order in sushi.

Broadway. Jake was just in a Broadway play, If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet. Like Katie is in Dead Accounts.

Play dates! Jake's sister, Maggie, has a 6-year-old daughter, Ramona, with husband Peter Sarsgaard. Perfect age for a play date with Suri. 

He likes kids. His ex, Reese Witherspoon, had two, and reportedly Jake was very close with them.

They're both athletic. Katie's a runner. Jake's a bike rider.

Sooooo perfect, right? And reportedly it was Josh Jackson who set them up. And if he hadn't, I totally would have. Maaan, this thing better be true. But considering the original source on it is the Italian tabloid Grazia ... let's just say I'm not picking out their wedding gift quite yet.

Do you think Katie and Jake make a good couple?


Image via LLLEV/Flickr

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