Kim Kardashian's Tight, Sheer Dress Shows Us Her Sexy Maternity Style (PHOTO)

kim kardashianThe lovely and pregnant Kim Kardashian stepped out on New Year's Eve wearing something ... unique for a woman who is with child. Kim rocked a skin-tight, extremely sheer dress (think a fishing net) to ring in 2013 with baby-daddy Kanye West. I mean, she looked good. Kim always looks good. But really, Kim? Sheer? Already?

Yes, I said already. Wait 'til you're eight months in to bring in the sheer.


In the beginning of pregnancy, bodies get ... weird. You know what I'm talking about. It doesn't quite look like you're pregnant, but you look sort of bloated and puffy. I can't imagine opting for a sheer dress when I was three months in! At that point, I stuck to looser tops and flowy dresses. If you would have handed me a dress in the vein of what Kim Kardashian has on in this here photo, I would have laughed in your face. Or vomited. But that probably would have been from morning sickness.

However, when pregnancy progresses, I say bust out the tighter-fitting clothes, if that's your thing. Show off that bump! Personally, I don't think I'd be rocking anything sheer, but that's just me. But for you beautiful, confident preggers out there with a penchant for sheer -- go for it.

My personal preferences aside, though, one thing's for sure. We now know what Kim's maternity style is going to be. And it's not much different from how she normally dresses -- which is actually kind of cool. Do you, Kim, do you.

And, hey -- congrats.

What was your maternity style?


Image via Splash

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