Kathy Griffin’s Pretend Sex Act on Anderson Cooper Really Wasn’t Funny (VIDEO)

If you happened to be watching CNN's New Year's Eve special with hosts Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper, you probably have an image seared in your mind that you prefer had never, ever made it there in the first place: Kathy simulating oral sex on Anderson. Not just once, not twice, but at least half a dozen times. Whyyyyyyy? you ask. Ohhh, I don't know. This is Kathy Griffin. She makes a living from being vulgar. Maybe she hit the bubbly a bit too hard?


Kathy leaned her mouth over Anderson's privates several times. She also told him she wanted to "tickle" his "sac." To which Anderson, trying to be a good sport, responded, "I have no sack of Christmas presents here." To which Kathy then said she wanted to kiss his "sack of Christmas presents."

I guess this was all supposed to be funny because Anderson is gay and Kathy is famous for "loving my gays" as she puts it. I doubt this would have been considered too amusing if she was doing this to, say, Matt Lauer (though I wouldn't put anything past Kathy). But, frankly, it just wasn't very funny. Hello, Kathy. Anderson has NO interest in you, girl. He doesn't even want you down there as a joke.

Maybe if she'd done it one time, it would have been considered daring humor. But over and over again? What is so funny about embarrassing your friend on live TV, in front of not only his fans, but his employers? Granted, CNN must know that Kathy isn't exactly a sure bet as far as family-friendly entertainment goes -- Kathy and Anderson have hosted CNN's special six years in a row, and she hasn't gone one year without causing an uproar. One year, she took off her shirt. Another, she dropped the f-bomb.

The whole thing was just lame, not daring. And on another note, Kathy's face is as tight as a kettle drum. I'm surprised the woman can still use her mouth at all, let alone give a blow job.

What do you think of Kathy's antics?

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