Kim Kardashian's Baby Bump Photo Isn't Worth as Much as You'd Think

kim kardashianKris Jenner isn't going to stop what she's doing and live in the joyous moment just because her "favorite" daughter, Kim Kardashian, is pregnant. No, no, no, friend. That's not how it works in Kasa Kardashian. After what I assume was a cursory champagne pop and double-cheek kiss session, Jenner got down to business, negotiating a magazine cover deal that will feature the debuting of the most popular Kardashian's baby bump.

Two noteworthy things about this: One, the supposed amount that was agreed upon is extremely surprising (lower than you'd think). And two, the magazine cover will likely be just Kim, because "Kanye always looks so miserable."


Sources told the New York Daily News that Kim will likely wind up getting $300,000 for the tabloid cover. Supposedly, Kris already started emailing weekly rag mags, trying to negotiate a deal, and that's the ballpark number that was reached. The source said: "(It) likely will sell at $300,000, and that's Kim solo because Kanye always looks so miserable." Truth.

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To any normal person, $300,000 is a ridiculously large sum of money. It would take most of us six to seven years to make that. But to a Kardashian, that's a handbag. Perhaps it shows how desensitized I've become to all things Kardashian (and celebrity), but I would have thought it would have gone for more. (I'm sure the photo of her debuting her actual baby will earn her way more than that.)

And in regards to the Kanye looking miserable thing. Well, I hate to say it, but it's true. Kanye does always look like he just learned of someone's passing. I mean, could you imagine a photo of the two of them beaming, his hands lovingly placed on her belly? It's a laughable thought. A thought that almost makes me uncomfy.

Needless to say, like most things in life, this pregnancy is going to be all about Kim. Kanye will have to lay low, take a back seat, and perhaps settle upon storming a stage or wearing a skirt if he's feeling neglected. And then hopefully, eventually, the two of them can both settle upon loving their baby and not worrying about being famous.

In other news, 2013 is officially the Year of the Dreamer.

Are you surprised about Kim's baby bump debut fee?


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