Kate Middleton's Parents Could Cash In on Their Grandchild With New Baby Merchandise Line

MiddletonsKate Middleton's parents are unveiling a new line of royal baby merchandise at their party supply company. The line, which has a new little prince" and "new little princess" theme, has prompted speculation that the Middletons are trying to cash in on their unborn grandchild. 

I hardly think so.


Michael and Carole Middleton are the founders of a 25-year-old Party Pieces, a mail-order party supply company based in England. So it's hardly surprising that they would come out with a new line of baby party supplies coinciding with the latest hot topic in Britain.

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Their daughter's baby-to-be just happens to be the latest hot topic.

It's not the Middletons fault that they happen to be the parents of the expectant mother of the next heir to the throne, and I don’t think they are doing anything wrong. It’s not like they begged for a grandchild so that they could profit from it. It’s not like they're the only ones to have a line of party products with the theme little prince and princess. It only looks strange because they happen to be the soon-to-be grandparents to the actual royal grandchild. Besides, I’m sure a lot of the money they earn will go toward spoiling their first grandbaby rotten.

I’ll bet the Middletons even asked permission from Kate and William. I think it’s kind of awesome that they are the actual grandparents of an actual heir to the throne; it lends some authenticity to the royal theme -- if anyone should know about “royal” babies, it's them. Unless they stamp the products with the official ultrasound and the words “Kate and William approved," I think this is harmless.


Image via ABC

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