Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher Are Totally Getting Engaged in 2013 (VIDEO)

jackie kelso mila kunis ashton kutcherOh, those crazy That '70s Show kids! No matter where they go, Jackie Mila Kunis and Kelso Ashton Kutcher can't seem to keep their hands off of one another. The happy couple has been spied all over the Midwest in recent days -- from eating brunch in Chicago to dining at Red Lobster in Iowa -- acting like two totally normal lovebirds. Who are totally, completely, obviously about to get engaged!

Despite the fact that Ashton only just filed for divorce from Demi Moore -- from whom he's been separated for over a year -- all signs point to an eventual engagement here. In fact, the filing itself could very well be a sign ...


Sure, some say that the timing was related to tax reasons, but other sources say Mila has been pushing Ashton to get the show on the road for some time. This courtesy of a source who told The Chicago-Sun Times that Mila "and Ashton [were] in limbo due to Demi dragging her feet" with the divorce. 'Course this was driving Mila "crazy," especially because she and Ashton are "seriously talking about marriage themselves." Uh huh! What'd I tell ya?!

And if you're still not convinced, another source, this one an "observer" who was at the restaurant where Mila and Ashton were noshing with his family the day after Christmas, had this to say about the couple:

They were both laughing. ... She looked like she was almost part of the family -- she got along well with them.

"Almost" a part of the family, eh? All things considered, it really is starting to sound like it's only a matter of time -- and those divorce papers being finalized -- before she actually is.

Do you think Ashton and Mila will get engaged in 2013?



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