Cynthia Jorge Doesn't Deserve All This Media Scrutiny After One Measly Date With Tom Cruise (PHOTO)

Cynthia JorgeBy now, everyone knows her name. Cynthia Jorge, the girl that Tom Cruise allegedly took out on a date last week to NYC lounge Le Baron. Oh the horror, to think that Cruise is moving on with his life just six months after his divorce with Katie Holmes. I'm just gonna skip through the bull. I've met her through friends once or twice. She came off as really, really sweet and very friendly. Here I sit, reading about the 26-year-old that's salsa dancing with Tom, all the while a friend of mine is telling me that the paparazzi are hounding down her family and allegedly even stalking her cousin's home hoping she'll show up. 

This is what people don't realize: One week ago, she was a normal girl. A girl from Queens who went to Boston University. A girl who loves what she does working at a fun hot restaurant in the Lower East Side because she loves meeting new people. One of those people just happened to be Tom Cruise, and now her life is turned upside down.

People need to lay off.


The media are making Cynthia Jorge out to be some sort of floozy, and it's just not fair. Sure, back in their heyday, Tom and Katie were a couple on top of the celebrity world. The fact is, though, that their marriage has ended, and as with any other couple, they too will move on. They are allowed to! Every single person that Tom or Katie goes out with isn't going to be a major love interest. Just like normal people, they'll date around. I'm sure if Cynthia had any idea all of this would be happening because of one date, she would have turned the other cheek.

And heck, I've just got to say this: if you were 26 years old, wouldn't you jump at the chance to go out with Tom Cruise, too? I'm gonna call your bluff if you say no. Really, I can't blame her. I hope for her sake that this all blows over soon, and the media start to lay off and give her family some respect.

Do you think Cynthia Jorge earned all this media attention? Do you think it's gone too far?


Image via New York Daily News

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