Bethenny Frankel's Prenup May Be Her Best Business Move to Date

bethenny frankelSo far, there haven't been any rumors about the "why" of Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy's divorce. That may be because everyone already knows why they called it quits -- spend one hour watching that reality show of theirs and it's obvious that they're just on two separate pages -- but still. I'm surprised there aren't any cheating allegations or some he-said, she-said bullshit. All we know is that they're heartbroken and will do their best to co-parent Bryn.

Which got me wondering (as I'm apt to do about people I see on TV yet have never met, nor will ever meet, in my entire life) -- is it possible that Bethenny's obsessiveness over her business was the cause of trouble in her marriage but, at the same time, a source of beauty in her divorce?


It's like the perfect storm, or rather, the perfect, most elegant double-edged sword I've ever seen in my entire life. Something that ruins a marriage is the savior in divorce. What a gorgeous problem.

It was clear from watching the show that Bethenny had a great mind for business. She allegedly sold her Skinnygirl empire to Jim Bean for $120 million (or was it $8 million? who knows) and expanded her brand to include clothing, cleanses, and nutrition bars. She's even got her own talk show. To say she's busy might be an understatement, and it's easy to jump to the conclusion that Bethenny's businesses might have been prioritized over her marriage.

But all that savviness paid off in the end. The best and smartest business move Bethenny ever made was getting an iron-clad prenuptial agreement.

According to reports, the prenup states that all of Skinnygirl, every last bit of it, belongs to her, which is to say, all the money that Skinnygirl has made and will make goes straight into Bethenny's allegedly separate bank account. She knew what she was doing when she drafted that prenup, and in the end, it looks like that forethought will pay off big time.

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