Tom Cruise & Cynthia Jorge Go on a Hot Date: 5 Facts About This Mystery Lady (PHOTO)

Cynthia JorgeIf Katie Holmes is allowed to move on with her life then Tom Cruise should be allowed to too, right? Well, he's certainly trying to. The 50-year-old seems to have a new lady on his arm according to numerous sources. Her name? Cynthia Jorge. The pair was reportedly seen out dancing at NYC lounge Le Baron on December 18, only two days after they met at Beauty & Essex, a Lower East Side hotspot where she works.

So what's the deal with this girl? Does it look like and could her and Cruise be a great match? Well a friend of Jorge's tells Huffington Post that she's "always liked the press attention and wanted to be famous," so I'm not so sure. Regardless, can you even imagine being a 26-year-old telling your girlfriends you're going on a date with TOM CRUISE?! Yeah, me either.

Check out all we know about Tom Cruise's new ladyfriend, here:


1. Cynthia is from Queens, New York.

2. Cynthia graduated from Boston University with a Bechlor's degree in communications in 2008.

3. Before working at Beauty & Essex, the 26-year-old worked at Benjamin Steakhouse in Midtown Manhattan as well as a marketing position at a public relations firm.

4. The girl has some serious guts. Rumor has it that she was the one who slipped Cruise her card during his lunch at her restaurant. Cruise then followed up by calling the restaurant the next day looking for her.

5. Since this whole thing blew up, the restaurant manager has been given some time off to allow for the media frenzy to blow over.

Do you think anything's actually going on between Cruise and Cynthia Jorge?

Image via Ian_fromblighty/ Flickr

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