Kate Middleton’s Nose Is Most Requested Body Part For Plastic Surgery & That’s a Big Problem

Kate MiddletonIt's no secret that the entire world wants Kate Middleton's wardrobe. Every single thing the Duchess of Cambridge wears out in public (and re-wears) goes flying off the racks at stores. But what if I were to tell you her clothes aren't the only things people desire? It's her look. Her whole look. Specifically: Her nose.

Yup, according to Daily Mail Kate's nose was 2012's most requested plastic surgery procedure in the UK. And while yeah, sure, Kate's nose is adorable just like every dang thing about her, I've just gotta come out and say it: It may not be exactly what you need, you plastic surgery hopefuls, you. 


Just like a cute new blouse or a great pair of jeans, just because something looks so great on someone else doesn't mean it's necessarily going to look good on you. Especially with plastic surgery, it's important to look at what alterations will look best along with your specific features. If you have a round face, for example, certain nose shapes will look better. If you have wide eyes AND huge lips, it may be overkill. It's all about balancing and working with what you have.

Granted, that's if you're convinced plastic surgery is what's best for you. The biggest thing that makes me worried is the idea of women getting surgery just to look like Kate or another celebrity they adore, when they were fine with what they had to begin with. We've seen it here in the United States, women who want to look like Jennifer Lopez or Carmen Electra so they go under the knife. Plastic surgery isn't something to take lightly, and it's NOT cheap. Keep that in mind in 2013 ladies.

Would you want Kate Middleton's nose?


Image via Tom Soper Photography/ Flickr

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