Miley Cyrus Married Liam Hemsworth in Leopard Print Pajamas (PHOTOS)

liam and mileyDid Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth get married over Christmas? After Liam posted this photo wearing, ahem, a wedding-like band on his left hand, and after Miley tweeted a photo the same day showing off a new band on her ring finger, their marriage is all anyone can talk about and frankly, I'm having a hard time concentrating on anything else. Miley married?! This is the biggest news since I tied my shoelaces together this morning, and just as head-spinning.

I mean, is it really possible that Miley and Liam are cool enough to have gotten hitched in private, without any fanfare, a big to-do, and/or press?


So far neither Miley nor Liam has commented on the status of their relationship, but I sincerely hope the engaged duo made it official over the holiday. It would just be, like, the antithesis of a celeb marriage, and to be honest, I didn't think these two were capable of doing anything subtle. I mean, when you shave your head in front of the world, it's not like you hate attention.miley

Last I heard these two kiddos wanted not one, not two, but three weddings. Rumors swirled that there'd be a ceremony in Miley's hometown of Nashville, in Liam's hometown in Australia, and in their home away from home in Los Angeles.

But! If these rings are any indication, it would seem like the two tied the knot in Miley's mom's backyard in leopard print pajamas and Santa hats. Maybe there was even some Pabst Blue Ribbon on hand to toast the newlyweds, or a turducken, or an ATV of some sort, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Here's hoping Miley and Liam got married -- everyone respects a secret celeb wedding. Because hey, if it's good enough for Kate Winslet, it's good enough for everyone.

Also, is that a baby bump under that dog? I digress.

Think Miley and Liam got married?




Photo via 64instalegend/Instagram; MileyCyrus/Twitter

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