Robert Pattinson Keeps Kristen Stewart Close By Making Sure They Star in New Movie Together

edward and bella mousepadTwilight fans -- and specifically fans of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart smooching onscreen and off -- will be happy to know that these two are doing all they can to stay together. We already know RPattz is the kind of romantic who wears floral-lined jackets and truly believes in his love with KStew. 

And now it seems Kristen has gotten whatever it was out of her system and she only wants to get it on with Rob ... and this includes career-wise, too. The duo are rumored to be considering starring in a new movie together!


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Hot! Hot! Hot! They do have some sizzling chemistry on-screen. And let's be real -- both have that something something that could make them hard to resist. I'm not referring to Kristen's indiscretions with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. Well, not really. I don't blame RPattz one bit if he wants to keep Kristen close even when it comes to movie projects. It's not that he doesn't trust her anymore, but ... yeah, maybe he doesn't trust her fully. Or he's scared. When you get burned like that, it stings bad. And forgiveness can happen, but that wound, that insecurity, sometimes needs time to repair. Starring together in a new movie keeps them working together and not on separate movie sets far away from each other.

Being a celebrity and maintaining a strong relationship is hard.

The rumor is that they are looking at remaking Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's 1965 film The Sandpiper. Lots of love scenes there! Kristen would play an artistic and eccentric single mom whose son gets into trouble with the law and ordered to go to a boarding school to straighten him out. That's where she will meet the headmaster of the school, played by Rob, who is actually married, but the two carry on a steamy affair. It's like revenge (sort of) on film. And get this: The name of the headmaster is Edward. How much do we love Rob when he plays an Edward!!!

I hope this happens. It's Hollywood magic.

What do you think of Rob and Kristen starring in another movie together?


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